Tribe On A Quest

Riding With A Purpose
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Our Vision

Everyone that crosses our path will have the opportunity to reach his/her highest potential and be the main contributor to the elevation of their lives. Our focus is providing reliable transportation to the workforce community. We look to serve our community members that have no means of getting to/from work, whether they work outside of the public transportation routes, non-transitional work hours, those that can not afford to take Ubers, Lyft and cabs, or unable to obtain a valid license.

What Do We Do?

We offer dependable transportation in collaboration with companies that want to take the burden of finding dedicated transportation for their most valuable asset, their employees!

Where And Who Do We Serve?

We serve companies seeking passenger transportation services across several counties including Dauphin, York, Cumberland, Perry, Lancaster, Lebanon Berks, Juniata and much more!

What Is Our Purpose?

We understand that there is a NEED for reliable transportation so that employers can get their employees to and from work. With that being said the shortage of public transportation and no other 24/7 transportation service dedicated soley to those looking to get to/from work, we are in high demand…..READY to take on the challenge!!!

Physical Address:

Harrisburg Uptown Building (HUB)
1821 Fulton Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102

Phone Number:

Call us at (717) 461-2406